Monday, November 3, 2008


We took the bus all around the motu, $1 each and only about 30 minutes all the way to each end. There is only one road most of the way. Through the center of town and next to the airport there are several streets though. They all live here on the one motu. There are several other motus but two are game reserves and the others are too far to commute, I guess.

I got the windvane quadrant welded at the PWD (public works division. I thought I had one more grinding wheels for the bench grinder we bought in Hawaii. I made a deal with the welder to give it to him for the repair job, but I couldn't find it. I did find a couple of angle grinder disks and a wire brush wheel. He said it was 'exactly the right payment!" I think he was glad to get them. It is all back together and looks like it will work good again. No more hand steering!

Trinda made a wacky cake with the fudge icing. We took it to Rubis' cousin's family, Simeti and Neta and their 3 kids. They really liked it and wanted the recipe. They gave us some fish and asked us to stop by and visit every time we come to town. I made a CD of all the pictures I took of Teuta and Rubis for them. Simeti will copy it and send it to Rubis' mother. She lives on another atoll in Tuvalu. We would go see her too, but if we got permission to go there, we would have to come back here to
check out afterward. Maybe next time.

They have an internet cafe, I think. I haven't been there yet though. They have satellite TV, 16 channels for $50/mo. About the same as Seattle!

Tomorrow we will work on the sail repairs. I think we'll stay here through next weekend. They have invited then.

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