Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First visits in Tarowa

I found Borau, the boy from Fanning that went with Southern Cross but couldn't get a visa for New Zealand so returned here to Tarowa to go on home later. We are to go to their house on Saturday. They will come pick us up. Robby and Lorraine sent a bunch of stuff for them with us. We'll take it then.
I also found the wife of Taatii's friend at the library and took her a photo from Nikunau. She was very surprised!
When we got back to the boat, Elizabeth called us on the radio. I had taken her and William, her husband and friend Marco to Christmas Island from Fanning when we left last June. They are her now. She invited us out to her daughters 2nd birthday last night. We had a very nice supper and visit. I sat with her father (the president of Kiribati) and her brothers and had Kava for the first time. Trinda decided not to try it. It is a mild drug causing relaxation and numbness of the lips, tongue, cheeks,
and he says the brain too if you drink enough. I didn't have that much! They had bar-b-que chicken, raw fish, fried tempura fish, a couple chinse stir fries, ice cream etc. Very fine evening.
Trinda explained her version of what Thanksgiving is supposed to be to President Anote and he said, "Oh, that's a very good idea to have a day for everyone to get together and feast and say thanks to their neighbors for being there and thanks for all the good fortunes of the past year and thanks for the good harvest. Maybe I'll start that here!" She was excited!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! There are 5 boats here, counting the Australian who will do dinner with us too. The local store had turkey legs and thighs, so we'll have a big Thanksgiving feast! We are doing the dressing, bread and pecan pie.
The computer is still just barely working. I found a key stroke the will let it boot, so its not so bad now. I was able to print photos of some of the folks we visited. I need to remember to take more pictures! I went to print one for Eliz & William and didn't have one of them together at Christmas Island.

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  1. sure hope you guys are having a great turkey day.

    Dick and Carol