Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Molokai, Hawaii

We left Lahaina about 9 yesterday and made it here (21 miles) by about 1. No wind, we motored all the way again. No fish, the ice box is still too full to catch one.

We walked to town and got a few groceries this morning. It was a short walk as there is not much town here. They did have 3 grocery stores though. There is no free internet here so I got the HAM radio antenna back up and this is going the SLOW way.

We met a new sailor and his wife today, from Alaska. They just got interested in sailing here and bought a older used boat and are fixing it up. They plan to go to Fanning Island for a few weeks about the same time we are going. This will be their first real trip. They plan to come back here though.

Maybe one more day here and then on to Honolulu, 45 miles. We talked to someone from the Waikiki Yacht club and he assured us there will be a space for us for at least a few days.

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