Sunday, February 10, 2008

Honokohau Update

Not much new. Still slaving away. I got t he staysail finished hand sewing and up. The mizzen sheet track re-mounted to the deck and started re-caulking the teak on the dog house before the main mast. We got all the old caulking out then discovered that most of the caulking I got from the local guy is way out of date. I only had enough to do half of the part we had opened up. We taped plastic over the open part to keep the wood from getting wet if it rains more. I'm not sure how to get more.

We have been studding the French course some, but I can't read much yet. Only the first tape (CD) of 9 so far.

We are still planning to leave this harbor on Wed. but unsure of where we'll go next. It depends on our order from West Marine. They lost it from when I ordered before Christmas and had to re-order it all. It is not all in yet. I kinda need the new rope, but can live without it till we get to Honolulu if we have to.

We re-joined the Bluewater Cruising Association. Maybe it will allow us to get a discount in the yacht clubs in Honolulu.

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