Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ala Wai Marina - Oahu

We made it from Molokai to Ala Wai Harbor in about 10 hours. We left there at 3:30AM. The weather was flat and calm all the way as we motored here. We had heard it often blows 35 in the channels between the islands, so we just had good luck. And excellent planning on the captain's part! Trinda fished on the way, but not even a nibble.

We thought we had a spot at the Waikiki Yacht club. As we came into the channel, I got a message on the cell phone saying they also had no room. We stopped at the Hawaii Yacht club's guest dock and Walter there, walked me up to the harbor masters office. He gave us a slip for one night, the the next morning Trinda and I walked up again and gave a long sad story. He decided to extend us for 15 days. That seems to be the normal procedure here, maybe based on looks???

This is a government marina, like the one at Honokohau on the Big Island. However is is very poor shape. There is money for repairs but not replacement. So they are able to install cable TV at every slip, but not to repair the docks that are falling in! That is "replacement! It seems like a 3rd world country instead of one of the states!

Anyway we have made contact with our cousins and plan to meet today.

I paid for WiFi access for a month ($35) so we will have good access for a while.

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