Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still in the Boat Work Yard

It was fun being back in Seattle with the kids and friends, but it is really nice to be back home, on the boat, enven though it is still out of the water.

Trinda has been re-sewing the sails, two days so far. The sun eats the thread pretty fast as well as the sunbrella covering snagged on the spreaders and ripped some. When I got the sewing machine out it had rusted so bad it wouldn't turn over. I still am having trouble keeping it in time. It seems to slip in the works below when sewing the heavy sail material. It may be getting old enough to need a few parts too.

Bruno, the Frenchman we met living in Fanning Island is here working for money to send home. I had him help me get the transmission back in. The 156 pounds the repair manual said scared Trinda even though she helped lift it out. But that was before she knew how much it actually weighed! I also got the new parts put in the wind vane and started putting it back on. Today it seems like we are making progress toward returning to a "floating boat". Being "on the hard" is hard on us.

I made a steak and potatoes diner for Bruno, Trinda made a salad and fresh pineapple, then went and watched a DVD while we ate and visited.

West Marine lost my order for spare parts and has to re-order the whole thing. At least it is not anything on it that must be installed before we go back in the water.

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