Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to the Boat - Hawaii

It was an exciting trip back, sort of anyway. Both planes had "computer" problems after we got to the runway and had to go back to the gate. Seattle took an hour and a half to fix it, Honolulu only took one hour. So we were almost 3 hours late.

We decided we needed a car to get the luggage back and get some groceries. Without previous reservations it was NOT cheep. But we rented it for 2 days anyway. The boat was moved from the store yard back into the work yard ok. I called our friend the rigger and he arranged a ladder for us, so we were able to get aboard when we got here.

Bold Spirit, Jeff and Kathi, are still here. We went shopping to CostcCo and Safeway together. Spent way too much, but now we have food again.

Our big order from West Marine did not come in, they may even have lost it. In the mean time the battery charge for the boat burned out. The outlet to plug the boat in, in the new place in the boat yard is wired for 220 and our boat only wants 110! I went back to Wal-Mart and picked up a 40 amp car charger to get us by till we get back in the water where we can run the engine to charge the batteries.

We got two new windows cut to replace the ones that cracked during the Marquesas passage. Even the window glass seems to be made of gold! $230 for two 1'x2.5' pieces of tinted safety glass.

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