Monday, January 28, 2008

Hoping for water

OK, just busy. Tomorrow, Monday at 10:30 WE ARE TO BE PUT BACK IN THE WATER!!!!
Its been real hectic trying to get all the final things done sos it won't sink in the lift!

Got the new windows finished installed today, wind vane finished, trany back in and filled with oil, topsides waxed, but not very clean first, rigging done except final tuning after it sits in the water a few days, spreader boot installed, decrative teak on the outside topsides re-caulked, broken rub raiul repaired, windlass and staysail stay mount re bedded on the fore deck, anchor re-attached, ....

Mean while Trinda has made a dinghy cover, re-done the shade awning, re-stitched the sunbrella sun guard on the jib and staysail, and oh yeah, I re-tuned and re-timed her Phaff 130 sewing machine at least 3 times for maybe 10 hours worth of effort!! It was so rusty it wouldn't turn when I started the first time. I think the bobbin hook need to be replaced too. I can only get it to sew 6 layers of light sunbrella when it used to do 8 to 10 of the standard stuff.

And besides all that there was time to go to CostCo a few times and get soo much stuff for the trip south that theres no place to put it all!

Off to bed as there is still lots to get done before ten.

I'm not sure I'll have internet in the slip here in the masrina for the next 2 weeks. Before Feb 13, we have to leave Honokohau Harbor to head for Maui, Molokai and Honolulu as that's as long as I gould get the slip.


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