Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hawaii Honokahau Marina

We moved into the marina to start working on the boat. Its going to be an expensive ordeal! We also decided to remove the teak deck and fiberglass over the thousands of screw holes that have been leaking.

On the passage here from Fanning we seem to have broken a lot of stuff. Two shrouds, the windvane, two water pumps, the propane control valve and regulator, several sheets (ropes), the computer is getting worse, the batteries no longer hold a charge long, and that's besides the plan to replace the frige and add a wind generator. The haulout is to be about $600 and $63 a day for the workyard.

We were invited to Thanksgiving dinner, but he turned out to live over 50 miles away and we have no way to get there. Trinda had bought a small turkey, so we are having two single-handlers over and we'll have a small feast here.

We have discovered another Passport 45, Julia Max, in Portland, Or. He has replaced his teak with fiberglass too. Their site is

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