Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fanning to Hawaii Day 2

we are still trying to go mostly east. The current and prevailing winds for this trip are east wind til the ITCZ (convergence zone or doldrums) at about 7 degrees then 1 to 2 degrees of not much then the winds turn northeast. and the current sets to the west except for a small stretch called the equatorial counter current that sets to the east. Hawaii is about 155 degrees and Fanning was 159 so we are headed for 08N 155w before turning north. This morning we are at 06 17N 156 54W

We tried to change sails yesterday and had some difficulty. the rope for the furler got tangled and by the time I got it un done, the flogging sail broke the pulley on the sheet car on the toe rail. I will move the pulley from the other side over there today. Always something has to break!

No fish.

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