Friday, October 5, 2007

Xmas - day 21

Not much new here. It is hard to believe we have been here 3 weeks today. I wish the wind would quit for a while! It has been blowing 15 to 25 the whole time here. It makes small waves in the anchorage, so it is a little bouncy, but it bothers my ears, the constant whistling.

I went spear fishing yesterday. No luck, the rubber in the spear gun broke on the second shot. The fish are hunted so much that you can't get close to them. The locals keep them skittish I guess. We bought a 30 pound yellow fin tuna from a fisherman. We had asked another one, but he didn't get any so he pointed to another canoe. He had 3 big ones. Bold spirit and I split it, each taking a fillet. We intend to make some fish jerky. Trinda liked his he made from the last fish. He marinaded it in terriki,
brown sugar, pineapple juice and a little salt and pepper.

Trinda has been making jewelry from mother of pearl shells to give to the librarian tomorrow when we go to learn how to weave mats from panderias leaves. They resemble bear grass that has done really well. She copied a small dolphin necklace that Bold Spirit bought in Tahiti and I made a Polynesian fish hook one. She also made a flower necklace that looks just like the one from Raraka, but smaller, only about 2 inches across instead of 6.

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