Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fanning Bicycling

The Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) has a cruise ship stop here a few times a month normally. They skipped October, but are expected in Nov. They have two beach facilities, one with all kinds of stuff for the passengers. Kyacks, bicycles, Hobie Cats, BarB Ques, Volley ball courts and basketball courts. They are not here and had over 100 bicycles, so we borrowed 4 (Bold Spirit and us) and pedaled about 5 miles down the island. We were looking for the store operated by the customs agent, Maurina. She
seemed to be at her office, but we did find the store. Not much new there either, dry goods only. Trinda did find some crocheted thread she couldn't live without. Kaonnari, the librarian from Christmas, had a blouse made for Trinda which had a crocheted neck liner, so she had to have the thread to make another.

We later got tired Trinda and I stopped to rest while Jeff and Kathi rode on to see if there was anything around the next corner. While we were waiting, the people in a near by hut came out to see what we wanted. Then another lady cam by on her way to the local Catholic Church (a sheet metal shed) to do some weaving. I asked if we could come along and watch a little. Trinda and Kathi asked if she could make a few place mats for us instead of the large sleeping mats. "Sure", she said, "How big?"

Well we followed her to the Church and Trinda started showing them how to weave the flowers she learned ant Penrhyn instead. We didn't get to see how to weave the mats still!

We promised to come back Thursday morning to pickup the mats and bring a finished flower so they cold see the finished thing. They then gave us a stalk of bananas each and we pedaled back.... a good 25 lbs of bananas in my backpack, and I am so in shape to ride a bike to begin with! My bottom hurts!

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