Monday, October 1, 2007


Trinda met the local Catholic High School librarian on the collective bus the other day. Saturday we walked up to her village and found her house. They spent several hours with Trinda showing her how to weave coconut leaf flowers. She wanted to learn more, so we invited her and her husband to the boat Sunday, yesterday. They came after church and stayed for lunch and almost til 5. They had a good time. Trinda showed them all the crafts she has made and received as gifts on the trip so far. They make
some crafts to sell to the cruise ships that stop her. Only 3 or 4 a month. She gave Trinda a "war knife" replica. It is made from shark vertebrae for the handle, coconut shell and bamboo for the blade studded with shark teeth and bone fish fin bones along the edge. They weave mats from a local plant and baskets with shells in the weave. We made arrangements to go to their house again next Sunday so Trinda can learn how to make them.

Trinda's burn is getting much better, only one of the 3rd degree places still has scabs, the rest is only red.

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