Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I apparently forgot to say what happened to my knee. Since I had the knee surgery back in 87, they cut the nerves to the skin over the knee cap. Therefore, when I kneel down, I sometimes don't notice that I kneel on something sharp. I knelt on a piece of dry coral rock on the beach in Penrhyn, loading stuff in the dinghy just before we left. I noticed a "rock" stuck to my knee and brushed it off and thought nothing more of it. 3 days later I have this red streak growing up my thigh, and we are 200
miles from Penrhyn and 450 miles from Christmas. I start getting scared. I call on the radio (we check into a HAM net every night at 0300 Zulu, the Pacific Seafarers Net, and I ask for advice. They are slow, so our friends on Bold Spirit, 40 miles ahead of us, use their sattelite phone and call a friend. He is an emergency room doctor, sand he recommends the correct antibiotics...but we only have 3 days worth of it left.

Maybe that fills in the gaps?

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