Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas Island

We are better now. We went to the doctor. He gave us more antibiotics and Trinda some silver sulfadine crean for her burn. It looks ugly, but maybe it is getting better. Lots of blisters still. My leg is much better, but my ankle is still swelling, but if I keep it elevated part of the day it feels OK.

We went to town again today. We went to the bank, paid for our visas, customs and the store. She gave us 90 day visas, so we are set for a while. They have virtually no fresh produce, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes, oranges($2 each) and apples. And everywhere the ever popular New Zealand corned beef in a can and canned mackerel. They get the produce by air cargo plane about every two weeks, but we don't know when th last one was. $75 fit easily in one backpack. Eggs are $.80 each, homemade bread (not
very good) is $2 a loaf.

There is an ex-American surfer bum living here on a sail boat. He immigrated in 1979 and is no longer a US citizen. He has helped us a lot. The other guy, Scott a 22 year old from Calif., made the crossing from Penrhyn with us is also a surfer. They are having a great time talking surfing and Scott gave Chuck 10 surfer movies. The men, Jeff, Scott and I had sunset cocktails at Chucks tonight and watched the sunset. Nice. Trinda was too tired from the trip to town and Kathy had a problem with the
Chinese lunch....

Still no more work on the "Penrhyn story".

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