Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Christmas Island

We are better. We went to the doctor on Sunday. He gave us more antibiotics and silver sulfadine cream for Trinda's burns. My leg is much better, but I still need to keep it elevated most of the day. Trinda's burn is looking ugly, but maybe normal. No swimming till the scabs are gone though.

Christmas is a desert dry atoll, not many palms, but a few, not much other vegetation either. It is windy and not much rain, especially in a La Nina year, like this. We have had 15 to 20 knots of wind all time, except tonight. We went to town today again, went to the bank, paid for our visas, customs, and the store. Not much fresh produce here. They get a cargo plane about every two weeks. They may have internet, but they have a "keystroke monitor" program that captures your passwords, so I'm afraid
to try any banking...

There is an e-American surfer bum living here that immigrated to Kerebati in 79, no longer a US citizen. He lives on a sailboat and does charter fishing and surfing. Quite a character. Scott of Avventura, a 22 year old kid we met in the Marquesas, made the passage with us. He is really enjoying having a surfer to visit with. He shared 10 DVDs of surfing movies with Chuck.

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