Friday, March 23, 2007

Provisioning and Dinghy

We made yet another trip to the Comercial Mexicana, the local version of a Super Wal-Mart, but not nearly the same stuff. This time it was beer, cokes and more rum. Now that Donnie is coming to crew with us, we need 1/3 more toilet paper, beer and food in general.
While in the neighborhood, I went on to the auto parts store to get a new fuse for the Kubota on the water maker, and I saw mini-florescent lights for cars. I just had to have one for the cockpit. Several people have them for anchor lights.
The dinghy is being replaced! I probably already said that, but I am excited. This afternoon, I got the tracking number so I can find out when it will arrive at the airport. We have friends lined up to give us a ride out there to help get it back into town and to the beach. Shipping weight is rumored to be 168 lbs, but if I remember right, it is only close to 120 lbs to drag up the beach.
Oh yes, and this morning we bought new foam for the mattress in the V-berth, so Donnie won't have to sleep on the 26 year old cushions.

Now to stow and install all that!! and I thought retiring was not to get tired any more!!!