Friday, March 30, 2007

Good bye Zihuatanejo!

We pulled the anchor today about 3PM.
We didn't actually start the trip yet. Never on a Friday! We just moved over to Ixtapa, near the marina fuel dock.
Tomorrow we plan to get fuel then move out to Isla Grande for a day of snorkeling and putting things away before we take off officially.

We checked the fuel tank today and one was full of crud. We got 1/2 gallon of sludge out of it. I took about 4 hours to pump out the dirty fuel through a filter, scrape the tank and pump it back into the tank. Now Donnie, ( my brother and crew), understands cruising, repairing the boat in exotic anchorages!

We checked out of Mexico officially with our next port of call to be Islas Marquesas, Polynesia Francesca.

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