Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Preparation

We got the foam inside one of the cushions and nearly in the other. The zippers were all corrosion of course! It will be a much better bed.

I updated the main website at The position reports part was confusing.

The dinghy is really on its way. The Mexican air-freight company has web tracking. This is what it says:

Documentada: 24/03/07
Tipo de Servicio: General
Estatus al Día: 24/03/07
Embarque manejándose a destino
Piezas/Total: 1/1
Kgs/Total: 96.0/96.0

I think that means that it is on its way. In fact it is probably at the airport and they just haven't updated their tracking systen yet!

Three more "Puddle Jumpers" left today. It may get lonesome here before next Saturday, when we plan to start off.

I bought 2 60 liter jugs (about 30 gallons more) for extra fuel to carry. Everyone has been saying that from Zihuatanejo, it is usually 600 mile of motoring before we get to the trade winds and can sail. The folks that left 3 days ago only motored 6 hours, not 6 days, so we may have fuel left over. But that's OK. I hear it is really expensive in all of French Polynesia.

The barnacles are growing on the hull like there's no tomorrow! We cleaned the bottom just before we went to Seattle, and it is already worse than then. Either the new bottom paint is "not strong enough to pollute" or it is already wearing out.