Monday, September 19, 2011

Pansit and Linat-an Dinner

This afternoon our neighbor in the apartment, Meredith, came over to help Trinda fix dinner and teach us to make a couple of dishes. Pansit Bihon in the wok and Linat-an (pork stew) in the pot.
They were both delicious!

The ingredients seem a little unusual. The pansit has Golden Bihon noodles (rice I think) but that's last. First saute onion and a few fresh garlic cloves in a little oil. Add finely chopped pork and stir-fry. Add water for the noodles(4 cups this time), but not the noodles yet. Add seasoning(salt, black pepper, soya sauce and Magic Sarap). Magic Sarap is half bullion and half MSG I think. Now boil until the meat is tender. Add vegetables (carrots, snap beans and English cabbage. Now add the noodles! Boil a minute or two, turn the noodles and boil for another couple minutes till soft. Stir in gently a dozen fresh hard boiled quail eggs!

The Linat-an, boil pork (looked like short ribs) until tender with whole pepper corns, Maggi Man Sabaw (pork flavoring with MSG), garlic and onion and a little salt. Normally would have put a little fresh ginger but we are out. Add vegetables, potatoes then a little later chayote, red bell pepper and napa cabbage and boil a few more minutes till just tender. Add a little soya sauce. I'm sure there was more because it didn't taste like any "boiled pork" I've ever had before coming to the Philippines.

They would have served it with rice and fed 3 times as many people, but I'm fat already.

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