Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dinner and Varnish

We went to dinner at one of the very few local restaurants with friends. This one is known as "The German Place" even though its name on the sign out front is clearly "RuMi Pic Nic" for Ruth and her German husband, Mike".

Anyway the food is always really good and of a variety of ethnics. I usually have "Hunter Strussel", Trinda orders "Chicken Cordon Blu" and we share a "Chop Sui" just cause it has lots of vegetables.

This is James, s/v Fandango and friend Mildred. She used to be the waitress in the cafe in Zeke's marina. There is a long story, but I won't put it in print. He had hopped to discourage her affection, but failed...???

April is a boat girl and girlfriend of the owner of the boat next to Jimmy's s/v Mango. Trinda and she go shopping often together. Next is Jimmy's niece Chiree and Jimmy himself.
We had a very nice dinner and BS session.

There are two covered work sheds in Pepe's area. Both are now littered and hung with wood from our boat! These are mostly doors.

And these are hatches, sliding cabinet doors etc.

It is getting shinny down below. The varnish we chose in Majuro was semi-gloss. All that is available here is high gloss. It will be pretty, and we can always add a coat of semi-gloss over it later if we can't get used to it.

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