Friday, June 12, 2009

Eneko and Back

Last Thursday we decided to take another vacation. Ha! We sailed up to Eneko anchorage for the weekend, Thurs-Tues. Nice long weekend.

We snorkeled a lot and just sat and read books the rest. Eneko is 11 miles west of downtown Majuro. It is a small motu with a park and 'remote resort' operated by one of the hotels from downtown. They have 3 bungalows for rent to their guests and a park and picnic area for day trips and parties. They also have some kayaks they let us borrow free for a day.

When we came back we finally decided to try a mooring on the south side of the dock, where they are $30/mo instead of $3/day. While I was trying to catch the mooring ball with the boat hook, the end broke off and sunk. The wooden pole had rotted inside and I hadn't noticed. It sunk in 75 feet of water.

I got the dinghy down and managed to get the boat tied up instead of the ease of just picking up the line with the boathook. The moorings on this side are cheaper, and have a bad reputation for breaking loose. I needed to dive and check it out and with the brass end of he boathook down there it was a bigger reason to go.

This was only my 8th dive in the logbook??? 2002-2009 and only 8 dives? Well the mooring looked fine, 3 inch rope tied through the windows of a sunken ship. I didn't find the boathook though. The dive was so beautiful. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to float around near the bottom. I used my whole tank of air in about 35 minutes. It should have lasted nearly an hour, but as out of practice as I am, I guess I breathed too fast.

I saw a really big fish, maybe a 100lb grouper seemed to be living in the ship wreck the mooring is tied to. I may go back and look for the boathook again, just to dive again.

Trinda seems to be coming down with a flu or at least a sinus infection. She's not feeling well. The new Star Trek is playing at the theater here, so John and I went to see it last night. Linda is not much of a sci-fi fan and Trinda said she'd see it later. It was good.

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