Saturday, June 27, 2009


I went diving to look for the boat hook again. Still didn't find it. Linda from Hawkeye went with me since Trinda still has a cold. These are her pictures.

We went to Enemonet again last week end and dove there too. John came with us that time too. Trinda still can't breath good enough to dive. Maybe in a few more weeks. But now I seem to be getting it too. They just sunk an old ship by a WWII airplane at Enemonet so we looked at them both. The Plane is in 15 to 20 feet of water. The ship's bow is 45 feet and the stern is over 85 feet down. It was nice to look around.

Otherwise not much happening here. We are planning a trip to a couple of outer islands next week, Aur again and Maloelap. They are 65 and 85 miles NW so only a day or so to sail.

I noticed the raw water pump was leaking when we were coming back from Enemonet last week and spent several days in the bilge working on it. Put it all back, started the motor and water squrited out. I got the seals in wrong!. Had to pull it out and try again. It was much easier the second time since I had cleaned and painted all the parts. Only an hour or so to fix it. (after a 3 hour cusring break and a drink!!)

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