Friday, October 24, 2008

Leaving Wallis

We plan to leave at low tide in the morning, Sunday here.

Wallis is a French foreign pot, much like American Samoa is sorta like another state. Most of the folks work for the government. They all get paid twice what the same job pays in France, so the stores are priced double too! Not a good place to shop. Even the fresh cheese in the deli, says either 'pour avión' and $25 a pound or 'pour bateau' and $15 a pound. I guess it is heavy for the plane instead of the boat! But still! That's for cheese we bought in Hawaii for $6 a pound! I didn't actually buy

Oh Well, Tuvalu is a poor country, so what little they have for sale should be les expensive than here.

Ironie is headed that way too, as are 2 other boats we met in Apia. So we should know a few people when we get there.

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