Sunday, September 7, 2008


Not much to write about. Since we have internet, I have ordered several parts, from several vendors, and now we wait. I have spent most of my time searching the internet for the things we needed and trying to find companies that will ship them to us. Most companies on the internet do not think American Samoa is a US territory. But the folks living here sure do. The post office even says US Post Office above the door and it flies an American flag, and even has a normal zip code.

We still have several projects to work on, that we do have parts for. One fuel tank seems to have a little water in it and has contaminated the fuel some, so I need to pump it out to a jug and filter it and scrub the tank again. That means the boat is going to stink like diesel again. Trinda is not happy about that!

They have a store like CostCo here, Cost-You-Less, even has some Kirkland brands. In general it seems like a fairly inexpensive place to shop, except California veggies are already turning bad in the store. It is still a long way from there.

We haven't spent much money since Hawaii (that was enough!) but we did eat most of our provisions. So we need to replace all those cans and bags of non-perishables. We usually have at least 6 months worth of that kind of food aboard, you know, pinto beans, rice, flour, sugar, corn meal, canned tomatoes,beans, corn, green chilli, dry pasta, top ramin, and all.

I used up a lot of spares too like bolts and nuts, electrical connectors, fuel filters, oil, antifreeze for the engine and such. But it shouldn't be anything like Hawaii.

We have met several boats here. most are headed for Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand. Only one, Rubicon, going to the Marshals like us. They have been wondering around here 8 years they said. They knew some of the people we met on the islands too.

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