Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bus trip to the North Shore of American Samoa

Today we took a bus trip to the North side of American Samoa. Since we plan to leave in a day or two, it is time to be a tourist!

We had a nice big breakfast at the DDW Cafe ("Don't Drink the Water") then back to the bus stop. The buses here are all converted vans and trucks. One day the bus said "Aerostar" on the dash! but most are old flat bed pickups and trucks.
That's Trinda on the far left.

This is the inside of our bus. There is only one bus for Vitia Village on the North shore in the park. So we waited an hour (15 minutes local time!) for it to arrive and get ready to return. The inside of this one is just painted wood. Some are very nicely varnished! Not the interior you expect. But they ALL have the big amps on the boom box CD player!

I got several pictures of trees out the window of the bus, but finally got Pago Pago Bay. The Katie Lee is next to the white speck in the far back right of the bay!

Cooks Comb is what the charts call this rock. A lady on the bus says "You have to count 6 waves then go fast so you can take the boat through the pass, but if you count wrong, the boat gets full of water!". I don't think we'll take the Katie Lee through there!

From the brochure:
Vaiava Straight National Landmark as seen from the Vatira road through the National Park. The 130 metre high cliffs are home to many sea birds including frigates, boobies and white terns.

The bay from the bus stop in Vitia. We had a nice visit with Pola and Oso who operate the store and take out in Vitia called the VP Store. They make good hamburgers and chili dogs!

It was a very nice day being a tourist instead of working on the boat or shopping for parts and supplies!

We walked out to the beach where we could see Cook's Comb up close. Notice the arches in the cliffs. Its not me or the camera, the top looks fuzzy in person too!

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