Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Just when you think that nothing else can go wrong, the last fan belt breaks for the generator!

At least the Kwai hasn't left yet. Maybe they will remember to get me some spares.

I borrowed a bicycle again yesterday. Borau, the boy from Southern Cross went with me. We pedaled the 5 miles up to the North end where Teuta and Ruby have the bee hive. I was so tired when we got there I couldn't even look at the bees. It took 20 minutes sitting in the shade and a quart of water before I could stand up. These 12 year-olds pedal faster than I can!

The bees are in the box still. Teuta moved them to his house and put them under a tree in the yard. I opened a few of the top bars. I couldn't see in very well to see how they were coming, if they were building hive from the top bars, so I stuck in my camera and took a few snaps. Even the flash didn't seem to bother them much.

But no, they are still only working the old hive laying in the bottom of the box. I just looked it up, it has only been 9 days! I guess I expected them to move faster! I wish we had been able to get just the bees without the old hive, but that's the way it goes.

We had a pot-luck at Borau's stepfather's house last night. We met the guy on the other boat finally, Chris on Elise. Seems like a nice guy. The girls, Trinda, Borau's sister, step-sister, mother, Lorraine and Liz of Swell all played cards and jacks. Us guys just talked and had a few beers. They have one of two ducks on the island of Fanning! There used to be a papa duck too, but he didn't make it. It was really funny to watch the duck and a dog rub each others neck while waiting to try to steel
food from the pig. His trough is between the cooking fire and the table. Borau's mother fried breadfruit and fresh fish while this was going on! It was a nice night and all the food was good.

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