Sunday, May 4, 2008

Almost Bees

I did borrow a bike Friday afternoon. Trinda insisted that we do a boat project first. We re-caulked the cleet on the side of the boat that we think was leaking water into one of the cabinets and a couple of windows and the trim above the windows. These boats just seem to LEAK!!

So I didn't get started til after 3:00. It is at least 5 miles up there, so I was peddling hard. After only 2 miiles, I was getting tired, but I looked up and saw a truck coming. It was Teuta. They were out gathering coconuts to feed the pigs and dog. And some green ones to drink. So I stopped and helped them instead of going on up to see his bees. He said that most of the bees are staying inside the box! Hurray! He still hadn't moved the box to his house, its still in the school yard. I had told
him it needed to be in the shade, so they put some palm leaves over it to keep it cooler until they do move it. After we picked a lot of coconuts from his 3/4 acre, he said he wanted more from the government land closer down by us. So we put the bike in the truck and came back.

He was planning to take Liz, from "s/v Swell", fishing on Sat. and wanted to confirm with her. So when we got to the dock I went to get her. He gave me several coconuts and some for the other boats. So we have lots of coconuts again.

Saturday, Liz did go fishing with them. While they were out, the wind came up and blew like crazy for a while. 40 knots for a little,35 for an hour and 30 for most of the morning. Another boat has come, Chris on Elise. His anchor chain broke and he started drifting toward the reef. He got it started, but was by himself so couldn't get away. I picked up Lorraine and we went over and got aboard to help, in the 6 foot wind chop! We let go the rest of his chain. It is only 10 feet deep, so he was sure
he could find it. And he went out the pass and waited for it to calm down before he came back and re-anchored with his backup anchor. As soon as I got back to the boat, I checked our mooring lines to make sure they weren't chaffing through. They were fine.

We worried about Liz and Teuta and company. But they showed up a little later with a couple of wahoo, 2 big yellow fin tuna and a small rainbow runner. Yes they had some wind and waves, but they were catching fish! Liz shared her tuna with all of us. Nice sushi mi for me and we had it bar-b-qued later too.

All of our potatoes are sprouting, the sweet one and the baby reds both. Trinda cut a bunch of the eyes with a little potato attached and put them in water. This morning we took 2 bunches to town to the Customs lady, Marina, and to the NCL manager, Bobby. Bobby then gave us several breadfruit to share among the boaters. This afternoon we didn't do much.

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