Thursday, December 6, 2007

On The Hard

We hauled the boat to the work yard here in Honokohau Marina. I get internet only occasionally.

We have lots of work to do on the boat. I have a rigger lined up to replace all the wires holding up the masts. The wind has been blowing too hard to pull the masts of yet, 4 days of winter storms in Hawaii. The worst they have had in years. It blew up to 46 knots the other day, sustained at 30 for several hours. The mountain top had over 80 knots, that's hurricane strength!

I got new parts for the wind vane, under warranty! Great! The Cape Horn guy is really good. I haven't got them installed yet, I don't have anything to stand on to reach it. The yard doesn't provide ANYTHING, only the space for the boat to sit! We borrowed a ladder from the marine store and saw horses from the rigger.

We have nearly all the teak off and the screw holes filled, but haven't checked for bad places under the fiberglass yet.

I got the prop and shaft out and straightened, polished and ready to put back with new seals. The transmission needs to be checked, so I need to take it out first. It got salt water in it and now the seals in it are leaking too.

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