Monday, December 24, 2007

Hawaiian Tourists

We put the boat in dry storage at the marina at 11AM Friday. Then in the rental car, we drove to the north end of the island to Waimea. Found a nice quiet hotel and enjoyed a nice looong bath in HOT water!

Then on around the island to Hilo, where we stayed in "Uncle Billy's Hotel". Not cheap or new, but dry and cool. We had a really nice supper of steak and crablegs. As long as we're spending so much, lets go for it!
We also toured old downtown and a waterfall or two. Near the waterfall we bought some fruit, including a poplemouse, like the French Polynesian grapefruit and rambutan, sorta like a big grape inside. Really good.

Then Today we drove south through Volcanos National Park. There were no active flows that could be walked to, so we saw the rest of the park and drove on to a friend's "Bed & Breakfast near the south end of the island. The most southern point in the United States.
We'll head back up toward Kailua-Kona, where the boat is tomorrow.
Kathi and Jeff on Bold Spirit have invited us to Christmas Brunch Christmas morning.

Oh, yes, that is us wearing long pants! Over a year, we finally get to Hawaii and it is so cold on the east side that we have to break out the long pants! We did have them ready for the trip to Seattle at least.

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  1. hey! you ask us to buy your socks for the wedding and your eating steak and crab legs! your so bad! ha ha! We love you and hope that you have a merry Christmas and safe flight! We can't wait to see you both! we will be at Guy's apt tomorrow so if you call call there or our cell's if not we will see you bright and early on Wednesday!
    Love wyndi