Thursday, July 5, 2007


Things are coming along. I got the wood to make a new steering oar for the wind spent a couple hours with the little spoke shave and am only about 1/3 done.

I took the propane bottle up to be refilled, but they said they don't fill "rusty" tanks! "You should clean it and put on a little paint, then maybe they won't reject it", they said. So I spent the rest of the afternoon with a wire brush. Now maybe I can take it to them Monday (weekends start on Friday of course).

We entered the Tahiti Cup Race this coming Saturday. It is a fun race 10 miles to Moorea, with activities afterward including canoe racing, which I signed up as a paddler. We'll see.

I found some more of our friend's webpages and added them to the bottom of my page. If I fail to describe something, then maybe they did, HA!

I still haven't gone diving for the block for the dinghy davit. Maybe tomorrow.

We had a nice 4th aboard a large catamaran, Bare Feet, along with about 8 other couples. Hamburgers, hotdogs and beer. Of course apple pie and Trinda and I made a pecan pie. I did the crust as usual and she did the filling. It was the hit of the desert table!

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