Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Miyakojima Visit

It was a short visit in miyMiyakoj. We really only stopped because of the weather. And the only picture I took is not that much, no view.
Me returning with the laundry

We did have a good time. We met a very helpful Mr. Tomari who is chairman of the miyako Yacht Club. He helped us tie up, let me use his washing machine to catch up and laundry and gave us a ride to town. He even threw a BBQ on hisbohis for us. Trinda has had the flu the whole time here so didn't go. Salad, grilled steak, chicken legs and onions. Very nice.

 The yacht club dock is over 2 miles from town with no transportation except taxis.  We tried to get a taxi to the store but a cruise ship came in and reserved all the taxis for the whole day.

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