Saturday, October 1, 2016

Update on the New Stove

I never did post a picture of the finish installed new stove. We have used it a lot and obviously have gotten it dirty already. The gimbal seems to work OK. There is not much room for it though. We'll have to wait till we are sailing to find out for sure.

The thermostat for the oven works good. But the painted on temperature settings have rubbed off already. Thats OK though, cause they were in Centigrade and didn't help that much. I have bought a digital thermometer for it, but haven't had time to install it yet.

The white cord going up the back is for a 12volt to 220volt inverter to run the oven light, rotisserie motor and the spark igniter for the burners.

The stainless bar across in front of the knobs is there to keep you from falling onto the stove when the boat rocks. The companion way steps behind give a convenient rest on the opposite side. It makes the kitchen a cozy one person affair.

When we lowered the shelf below the stove to let it sit at counter level it made it pretty low. Trinda decided it needed to be a pullout drawer so she could reach it.. $20 materials and a week and a half for two guys makes a $150 drawer. But it is white inside so you can see the pots. Ha ha ha. And it rolls out nice. It really didn't need to be 1/2" fiberglass to hold those little pots.

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