Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bats in Ko Roi Hong

Ko Roi. The entrance to the hong is from the small beach near the center
We went SE from the top of Ko Thalu to Ko Roi. It is an island with a hong, a hole leached through the island from the top to sea level in the inside. These islands are a mixed limestone with some hard spots and soft spots. Often during the leaching process tunnels and passages are created too. Last year up year we went to James Bond Island.

This hong is so big that the bottom is now covered in mangroves and a few trees. Large bats have taken to roosting in the trees. They look similar to the fox bats from Samoa. They don't seem to mind a little light as at noon they are only shaded by the trees above them.

The photos are not very good, but the black spots are the bats hanging from the branches.

The black spots are the bats

More black spots

Greg and Grace in front of exit
Greg in entrance
The back wall inside the hong

Guess who
The Katie Lee over the dinghy

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