Friday, March 29, 2013

Penang Hill Train Ride

The train up Penang Hill is a funicular train meaning it has two cars balanced on a cable, when one goes up the other comes down. It is a 51% slope and made the 2,000 feet in just a few minutes with 100 people in our car.

Greg and Grace at the top.
There is a Hindu temple and a Masque at the top.

You can just see the Katie Lee center frame with a little imagination.

A closer view of Katie Lee from the ferry to Butterworth yesterday.


Oh yeah, and as we were walking almost to the top, there was a snake charmer. That really is a king cobra she is kissing!


  1. Thanks for the update, I enjoy reading about your adventures... I stumbled upon your blog reading up on Passport 45s !

  2. Thanks for the comment. Do you have a Passport 45? My Web has info on them, I read mail at svkatielee (at) yahoo com