Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tuba River

We Checked out of Porto Princesa and went on south toward Malaysia. The wind came up so we sat in the mouth of the river at Tuba River for a few days waiting for the weather to get better. As you can see this was not much of a town, just a squatter village by the barge loading area. There is a very large nickel  mine a few miles inland. They ship the raw ore out and refine it elsewhere.

As you could guess, Trinda got bored here.


  1. Hi--where are you all? We have been trying to send a winlink message, but the mail is returned. Please elt us know how you all are--Roberto & Coco, s/v Mare Nostrum

    1. Hola Roberto and Coco! Can't believe it took 2 years for me to see this comment. Hope you are still listening... We are in the Philippines again after 2 years in Malaysia and Thailand. write to svkatielee at yahoo dot com