Saturday, March 31, 2012

Change of Plans

We have noticed a problem with some of the work done on the main mast step in Carmen. Looks like some of the epoxy didn't quite work right.

So we are now headed for Subic Bay, Philippines, near Manila because the yard there has better facilities to solve this minor problem. The yard at Kudat Malaysia is not reported to have an easy way to lift the mast off while we repair the epoxy, otherwise the pricing for the haulout and bottom paint job are very nearly the same.

We will go back thru Coron over the next week or so then north to Subic Bay. It is about 200 miles from here and the wind has been really light and variable. During the NE monsoon season, normally it would be against the wind the whole way, but this is just beginning the transition to the SE monsoon season.

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