Sunday, December 5, 2010

Leaving Phonpei

I looked through all the photos I have taken here and in Kosrae and found nothing worth uploading! I need to snap more times and more subjects. No picture of us or recognizable of friends. Even the scenery ones are no good and only 10 from Kosrae and 15 from here. I can just hear Sherry saying to send them anyway, but they are no good.

We were planning to leave this morning, but we both decided last night that we just were not mentally ready for a 7 or 8 day passage. Maybe tomorrow.

Pohnpei is much nicer than Majuro was. The shopping for groceries is less, but the people, the town (Kolonia) is more upscale. I think the people are a little more affluent here, more education and available money. They do chew too much beetlenut. It is a nut or bud from a palm tree that resembles a date palm. They chew it with a pinch of coral sand or flour wrapped in a leaf. some add a little tobacco and vodka. The coral sand is almost like lye. It eats their gums and teeth, makes them spit red from the nut that stains the sidewalks even with this rain and causes cancer of the mouth and stomach. The nut is the size of a pecan so you can't understand them when they try to talk with it in their jaw!

It has rained a few inches every day we have been here. There is a tall mountain behind the anchorage that is really green. The water in the bay is murky from the runoff. It seems to have grown moss on the swim ladder very quickly, but no barnacles.

We plan to bypass Chuuk (the Truk islands) and head for the small Lamotrek atoll for a few days then on to Yap, just south of Guam.

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