Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Checked out of Majuro

It seems almost strange to be checked out of Majuro and the Marshall Islands after being here almost two years. We came the week before Christmas dinner in 2008. We had Thanksgiving in Kiribati and then sailed to Majuro.

We cleared out of the Ports Authority, Immigration and Customs this morning . Then a few groceries and a goodbye to Merine, who gave us a big box of fresh peanut-butter cookies, then back to the boat. It rained the whole time we were in town. The internet died here just liken every time it rains a little! Arg! So this is coming by radio and there were no goodbye phone calls.

We are at Enamonet tonight. Made 6 whole miles so far, only 499 to go! I cleaned on the bottom of the boat while Trinda fried chicken legs and made a potato salad for munching along the way.

If the wind is right, we'll leave tomorrow morning, otherwise it Sat morning. No superstitions, BUT no sailor starts a passage on a Friday!

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