Friday, September 24, 2010

Plans, plans!

The neat thing about making plans is, as soon as you make them and announce them you ar at liberty to CHANGE them! heahahha!

We have been trying to leave for an outer-island excursion for 2 weeks and still haven't gotten away. (Need a new propane tank, the old one rusted out and need to fill the boat with diesel. Ya would think 'no problem". The tank truck broke the nozzle for the filler spout, and the island is temporarily out of 5-gal propane tanks! Maybe by Monday, 2 weeks late!)

It was to be a 6 week to 2 month deal.....

Trinda has decided that we are done with the Marshall's. She was wanting to leave and go someplace the minute we got back. The plan then was to leave for Fiji in March and make a loop through Vanuatu and maybe the Solomons and back here before heading west. But no, we'll leave in Nov for points west: Federated States of Micronesia and the Philippines.

So now the loop to the outer islands will be just the close ones we've been to before and for only 3 weeks or so, so we can come back to provision and check out.

It is only 400 some miles to the first island west, Kosarae, then maybe 450 to Pohnopai. So the first couple of months isn't too far.

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