Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Inexpensive Hearing Aids

I ordered a pair of BTE Acoustitone PRO from MDHearingaid.com, $299 for the pair. They arrived promptly in good packaging. I ordered them as a backup or spare, since we live on a boat in the remote South Pacific where service will be slow and by mail only, with almost no internet when we get back there from our 'vacation' in Seattle.

I wished for more information about them on the web. There was not enough.
I hopped there would be more info packaged with them. There was not any more. They do seem to work. My wife says they amplify the high too much, but I think I could get used to them. We neither have any experience with HAs.

There is a switch labeled N.H.O Normal, High & Off I believe the Normal is for a flat loss and the High is for a High freq loss with normal hearing in the lower freqs. There is a volume dial. It is VERY sensitive. I set it between 1 (almost off) and 2 (too loud) but it goes to 4. I don't know who would need the volume of 4.

They come with 3 sizes of domes for the ear. I chose the smallest so I would get some normal sound through for the low freq that I can hear. The medium dome sounded dull or muffled.
They came with a tiny screw driver which there is no mention of in the instructions. The case is screwed together, but no mention of "user serviceable parts inside". I haven't look inside ...yet.
(Well maybe a little.) They have a long ear hook and large tubing. It is too stiff so they do not sit comfortable on the ear. There is no instruction for trimming the tube to the correct length, so that may be my problem. I trimmed it a little shorter and it is better.
They buzz when a telephone is held near them (cell and cordless house) . There may be a technique of using a phone, but I haven't tried enough to find out yet.

Our audiograms are:

freqLarry RLarry LTrinda RTrinda L

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