Friday, November 20, 2009

Majuro Canoe Class

There is a program here in Majuro to help young people to learn some skills. Most classes build a traditional canoe as part of the program. This was graduation week for them. The took three of their canoes out to Enako, an island in Majuro lagoon for kind of a celebration and a chance to "live what they have learned". They cooked a turkey in an 'under ground oven' along with coconuts, pandanas and breadfruit. And of course rice and fried tuna.

They invited the yachts to come out and if we gave them a tour of the yacht they would give us a ride on their canoe. I sailed on one like this. I took pictures underway, but it is too small to see so you get this picture of Linda (Hawkeye) instead of me. Trinda's tatoo is still to be kept out of the salt water (for fear of infection) and she is still suffering symptoms of the flu, so she stayed on the boat. Notice there is not much free-board here. With two kids and a 'kelip rebelly' (fat American) on board, the bow is very close to the water. We got a couple of wind gusts that spead us over 12 knots and the bow wave flew over the ama! Not to mention the part of the wave that washed over "all occupants"!
It is definately quite a ride.

Another of those unresistable sunsets.

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