Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What?? a JOB!!

I seem to have accepted a job today! I start Monday. I'll be teaching beginner "Intro to the Internet" at the local collage here in Majuro. I'll have 3 sections with 15 to 18 students each. They will all have passed a typing class at more than 25 words a minute, (not that I can touch type) but I'll get them an email account and use a browser and chat stuff. It may be fun and have side benefits of time in the office with an internet connection!

I guess Trinda will have to go to the elementary school by her self now. I won't be able to help her there now. She is supposed to help the 9th grade girls make ear rings Tuesday. Also the Arts teacher wants us to come to her house for dinner soon. She is Korean, so should be interesting.

The dinghy did not make it in the container for delivery Mar 26 as I hoped, but is now to arrive April 9th. I sure hope it gets here then. I am sick of pumping the old one up. When the glue holding the transom to the side tubes pulled loose, it tore the side seams in the tubes so they boith leak. The leak is inside the area of the transom board, so I can't fix it! Arg!!!

It is raining here every afternoon for the last week or so. Today was the first day I actually got caught out in it. Look like a drowned rat. Thank goodness I had the computer in a water proof bag. The West Marine dry bags are really good.

Trinda spent the afternoon with Susan Sunday and planned to do it again sometime. She is a teacher at a different school than the one we have been going to. She is making a Kiribati blouse.

We plan to go anchor out 6 miles away for the week-end, at Enemonit.

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  1. Did you tell them your going rate? Maybe you can get rich after all!!