Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years and Yokwe Race

We went to the New Years eve "block party". It seemed like most of Majuro came! We had a beer or two and walked up and down the street a few times. It was only about 3 blocks long, took maybe an hour. Then we sat around on the curb and visited with the other cruisers. We gave up early and went back to the boat about 10:30.

At midnight they started firing off flairs and a few bottle rockets. I guess there were no fireworks available here. One flair, A red parachute type came drifting down really close to the boat. It missed though, by about 20 feet. Gave me just a little pitter-patter in the old thumper. A flair could burn right through the awning and maybe even the deck!

Yesterday the yacht club held their monthly race. We didn't feel like racing "our house", so we volunteered as crew on Hawkeye. We had met John and Linda in Mexico in 2001 and they are on the mooring ball next to us. We had a nice day. John's boat is fast for a smaller boat (38 foot) and he came in second before the handicaps were applied. Then he moved back to 5th. The prizes for the race are donated by the businesses here. Best is a barrel of diesel (about $150) next was a night in the resort and
various T-shirts and caps. They gave 'crew prizes' too. Trinda won 2 tickets to the movie theater! She thought it was the best one!

Today I went to the restaurant to use the WiFi and order our airplane tickets to visit the rest of the family when we get back to the States. It was slow! It took over 4 hours to find the flights and pay for them! We are going to San Antonio for 10 days, the Ranch for a week and stopping in Chicago a few days on the way back to Seattle.

I can't believe the hours I have signed up to be on a plane! 21 hours from here to Seattle, (2 1/2 days back!) plus the 4 flights there.

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