Saturday, August 9, 2008

Slippery Dinghy

Well Trinda did it again... We came back from the Gospel Day celebration in the dark and walked down to the wharf where the dingy was tied. I pulled it up close and she stepped off the wharf onto the tube of the dinghy. Guess which way she fell? Butt first between the wharf and the dinghy. Good thing it was only about 3 feet deep, she just got a little wet, up to the waist. She didn't have on the new dress, just her shorts and the shirt Christine made her. Oh well.

We had a really nice day. We went to the special Gospel Day service at 10:00. Then we changed and went to "John-Mary and Cathy"s for a quick lunch the out to the island where his father lives and has a pearl farm. I took a few pictures and he showed us around. His father has a nice portable garden, mostly all in buckets. He gave us a couple large cucumbers and a had full of bell peppers. He had egg plant ripe too.

Then we went to check John-Mary's fish traps. They are just specially placed piles of rock on the reef. A large V open at the point into more of the same except smaller each time. They also have sort of steps in the V so that fish don't notice the way back. There were several good fish. We netted them from the smallest pen and tossed them into the boat. Back to the house, he filleted them. SOme to the freezer, some straight on the coal from the bar-b-que chicken and some raw. Since there were 2 special
ones plus the dinner already cooked, we had to try it all. John has been reading this blog, so he says "You're eating your way around, so eat!" I almost ate too much. The bar-b-que fish with butter smeared on just off the fire was exceptional.

Before it all settled, it was 4:00 and time to go back to the singing and dance part of the celebration. Guess what they do after singing? Eat some more. I was not hungry yet, but I had to eat some. They always insist that we go first, so I couldn't not eat some anyway.

The government in Rarotonga chartered a ship from Tahiti to transport free all the folks from the northern islands who wanted to go, down to Rarotonga for the Constitution Day. About 40 went from both Penrhyn and here. Therefore there were not the usual number available for the dancing and singing competition, so this time it was the Mamas vs. the Papas. It was cute. The guys did a traditional dance, with some impersonating the girls part and same with the ladies. The ladies were much better at it
though. Or is that just a guys opinion? They also sang a traditional gospel song, just the way they do in church. The ladies sing one part and the guys sing other parts in harmony. So in the competition, the guys impersonated the girls again. It was funny even though we couldn't understand the words. The guys had real trouble reaching the high sustained notes the ladies are know for.

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