Friday, June 6, 2008

Still waiting for parts

We heard from the Kwai, the ship bringing our parts. They are in Christmas for a few days then on to here. The owner sent a list of stuff he bought for us. We hope none of it disappears a Christmas, like it sometimes does.

We went up to the North side to play cards with Teuta and Ruby. We rode the flat bed truck that hauls the school kids each day. It was quite a ride, about an hour over a very rough road with about 50 kids and 5 adults in the back of the 3 ton truck. The kids got a kick out of Trinda and me. She had candy canes for all of them.

We had a nice few games of 1-2-5, a local popular game. Then we fed the pigs boiled fish parts and bones, rice and coconut. the dog got the same. They fed the chickens and baby pigs a little shredded coconut and raw rice. Then we ate cooked rice, shredded coconut and cold canned corned beef. It is really popular here. That and canned mackerel. We came back in Teuta's truck, a 2 ton flat bed Toyota.

Yesterday Ekeaua and Taeribwa came and played cards too. We fed them the last of the hamburger helper with canned beef from CostCo instead of hamburger. They wanted canned corn too. I mad a couple loaves of bread. It didn't rise, but it tasted good. Sunday Teuta and Ruby and family are coming for a picnic on the beach.

Barou's passport came on the supply ship, so it looks like he will get to crew for Southern Cross a while. His father is helping with the party and has a band. There should be live music and dancing. It is planned for Saturday a week from now.

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