Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Christmas Arrival

We made Christmas in 36 hours. Not bad considering the 2 knot current against us most of the way. We had less than 15 knots of wind , directly on the nose of course. William, Elizabeth and Marco were in a hurry so we motored all the way.

Elizabeth din not enjoy the trip. She was sea sick the whole time. Marco and William were sick the first day but got their sea legs finally. We didn't have as much time to get acquainted as I had hoped.

We had a real nice dinner at their Chinese restaurant last night. Christmas is out of fresh vegetables but we had French fries, squash, fish balls, battered fish maraniated beef and lots of Australian beer. Trinda made a chocolate cake with fudge icing and some banana bread. They lent us a motor scooter and we have been racing around town!

I ordered a barrel of deisel that was delivered to the dock this morning. only 2 trips with the dinghy and a bunch of borrowed jerry cans to get it froom the jetty out to the boat. The port capitian says he will sell us a bottle of propane.

The monthly cargo plane is due tomorrow. William is planning to take us out to the JMB store to get fresh vegetables when it lands. Then we'll be set to leave for Penrhyn maybe Monday.

We are going to a beach picnic tonight at Henry's. We met him and his daughter on Fanning but he lives here. Busy, busy!

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