Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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Friday, February 26, 2016

New Hard Dodger for the Katie Lee

We are making progress I guess. The new dodger is taking shape. I hope it is not too big. We wanted more shade and protection form the rain.
Oh, ignore the dates, the camera is confused and I can't fix it. This is still 2016!

You may also notice the hull is not so dark green as before. Not to worry, this awful color is only primer. However we have not picked the final color, or even the scheme. We both want to stick with a green, but light pastel or medium bright green are the extremes. I plan to paint the trim teak with an epoxy paint a contrasting color. Thinking about a deep maroon which reminds me of the teak, or a dark forest green. Still taking suggestions about the space on the side above the rub rail that used to be teak. Should it be darker, lighter or the same color as the rest? The deck and cabin-top will remain bright white as before.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A New Range

I'm sure you all have heard us grip about the stove. I broke the oven thermostat so it is very difficult to set a temperature. And the burner caps have rusted away si the flame doesn't come out right. Also the thermocouple for the small burner quit so it will not stay lit. Not to mention it is a little dirty. Was a Force10, new in 1998, burners obsolete in 2001. An it wouldn't cook a cake or bread without a couple fire bricks in the oven to stabilize the temp.

1998 Force 10

I searched everywhere and finally chose this one. An Ariston apartment model. Very few stoves this size have the safety thermocouple for each top burner. We have to hve it for the boat because the wind often blows out the fire. And we don't want to explode....
On the show room floor

Rear view
It does have one minor problem though, it is about 8 inches too tall! The width and depth are just fine. That fancy glass top/cover will not fit either. The electric cord coming out the back is for the spark lighter, oven light and rotisserie. BUT it is for 220volts... Well I'll figure something out. Rotisseries are just a clever way to burn grease all over the oven!

The drawer below is for storing extra pots and pans, don't need that. Tin snips should take care if the height issue.

The two stoves have been sitting on the settee for the past week. When I cut the bottom drawer off, the stove was still 3 inches too tall.
Sharing parts. Waiting on the settee.
The "hob rack" (didn't know that was what it is) for the new stove is a conventional black iron grill that slides around even on shore. I took the grill off the old stove and mounted where the fancy glass top was. Now the pot holder brackets will fit too. Moving the gimbal mount brackets was easy too, just bolts in the sheet metal sides.

 So Temmy is lowering the bottom shelf under the stove so it will fit.

Removing the stainless steel liner on the shelf below the stove.

Almost done, but not quite.

Bike Trip to Comotes Islands

We took a bike trip to Comotes Islands with Greg & Grace and George & Jean. We only stayed one night in a hotel, so the girls said we didn't stay long enough. Everyone wants to go back again and stay longer.

We drove pretty much laa around one of the islands, but only a little on the second.
A lookout point

We anchored for the day there 4 years ago with the boys from Drydock.

Lunch at an American Bistro?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Toe Rail and Chain Plates

Boat work continues. Currently we are replacing the steel under the toe rail that the sail track bolts to.Turns out it was mild steel and not stainless so it rusted away and let water start leaking in. The remnants of the 1 1/4 x 1/4 bar are the pieces laying on the deck. I now have to find some stainless strap and get it drilled and tapped to replace it.

Temmy and Donald taking off the toe rail and cleaning out the rusty steel below.

Temmy, Charles and Boom-Boom epoxying the topsides back together

Before the toe rail, I thought the chain plates were bad. They are fiberglassed into the inside of the hull, mostly behind cabinets. We opened a few places that had been leaking bad water inside. Here are two photos after opening them up. The stainless is not corroded at all. So I'll assume none of them are bad and just continue with the bad wood replacement.

Inside the starboard settee cabinet.

Behind the teak trim in the starboard liquor cabinet.

Behind the shelf in the tool room, almost finished repair.

This is the back room we call the tool room, all the way around behind the engine room.Supplies go on the small upper shelf and the Kubota goes on the lower one. The water maker membranes go under neath the shelf.

The new tool room shelves almost ready to reinstall the Kubota and watermaker.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Puerto Princesa and Port Bonbonon

I realize that this is a little behind but better late then never. A cousin asked for pictures, so here are a few. No pictures from the passage. Who wants to see lumpy water all around, with no dirt showing anyway.

First couple from the Yacht Club restaurant in Puerto Princesa. (For you grammar nazis, that is really how they really spell it here.)

Looking west from Abanico Yacht Club restaurant deck.
That is our boat way out there. Nice when the music was loud at the club, but a long way in the rain or wind. It is really shallow up close to the club. We often watched fishermen waking waist deep with hand held scoop-nets there.

North from the yacht club.
The dinghy dock, a bamboo contraption. But it worked, didn't fall threw even once. There were usually 8 to 10 dinghies with the painters tangled when we would come back from shopping or the Sunday buffet here.

And a few pictures from Port Bonbonon.

Looking south at the entrance channel.

 This would be our backyard here. The wind has blown continuously from the north-northeast so we seem to face the same way all time.

West, the side yard.
Only 3 of these boats have people on them. This is a popular place to leave the boat for trips, or to die. Six boats are from old sailors who passed away while moored here. And several more are abandoned and/or for sale.

Center on shore is one of the 3 restaurants that serve a weekly buffet. It is a very social bay.

North, our front yard.
One friend we met in Majuro 7 years ago says we have the best view of the mountain from here. I would have settled for the shortest row to shore. the second restaurant is the little white triangular peak roof left third of the photo. The third is just around the right edge. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday are the buffets and sometimes a happy hour thrown in. Almost cold beer is about 90 cents USD, only one brand and no wine.

The shore is close by to the east.
A small coconut plantation on the near shore between the huts. So I guess it could look like paradise.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Purple Kraut

One of the few good things about the high average 'room temperature" here is that it only takes 5 days to make a jar of sauerkraut. We ate the smaller jar from last week. It was great.

I recalled someone saying they once had purple kraut. The grocery store had really bad looking green cabbage yesterday, but the purple cabbage looked nice. And only about $4.50/head! Ha! ONLY! But what the heck. So here it is.

A little dark for pictures.
 I keep forgetting to take pictures during the process. Maybe next time. Again, just slice it up thin, add 1 1/2 tablespoons salt per pound and mash the salt into the cabbage till it starts making juice. Then into the jar with a little weight to hold it from floating up out of the salt water. We use a small plastic bowl crammed in the neck of the jar. Then let it set in a cool place till done. Taste it every few days( every day at 90 degree "room temperature") and put it in the ice box when you like the taste. Or just eat it.

Last weeks big jar, sea salt and the fresh purple kraut
Trinda put some crackers in the salt cause it was damp when she bought it... didn't help. The humidity is too high for bulk salt, but that is the only salt without iodine available.

The foam in last weeks jar is normal, just skim it off. If it has an unpleasant order, then toss it. If some of the cabbage gets above the water and molds, just skim it too.